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Vibration motor

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  • It is a suitable model for smooth discharge of raw materials inside tanks, silos and hoppers.
  • It suppresses clogging of raw materials and bridge phenomenon by periodic or intermittent vibration
  • The height of the cone can be reduced according to the size of the discharge chute without being affected by the angle of repose of the raw material.
  • By installing screw conveyors, screens, feeders, etc. on the discharge side of the lower part, it is possible to supply quantitatively for sorting and conveying for multiple purposes.
  • The simple structure makes installation and maintenance easy
  • Used by attaching to various types of storage tanks such as tank, silo, and hopper
Specification Table
Model Weight Vibrating motor

Revolutions per min

Dimensions : ∅ D × H (mm)
DMBA-500 150 0.4kw × 1EA 1800 RPM ∅500D × 600H
DMBA-600 220 0.4kw × 1EA 1800 RPM ∅600D × 600H
DMBA-900 330 0.75kw × 1EA 1800 RPM ∅900D × 800H
DMBA-1200 480 1.5kw × 1EA 1800 RPM ∅1200D × 1000H
DMBA-1500 630 1.5kw × 1EA 1800 RPM ∅1500D × 1000H
DMBA-1800 980 2.2kw × 1EA 1800 RPM ∅1800D × 1200H
DMBA-2400 1420 2.2kw × 1EA 1800 RPM ∅2400D × 1800H

※ Separate specifications can be customized.