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These are frequently asked questions about Dong myung Vibro.




5How do I purchase a vibration motor/vibration machine?

-Fax order form: F. +82-31-987-5435

-E-mail receipt of order form: /

-Homepage> Products> Product Information> Purchase Order

-Telephone inquiries: representative number +82-31-981-2855

-When the order form is received, we will deliver it through our confirmation phone.

4I want to check the performance and buy it myself. Is it possible?

-You can visit the Gimpo headquarters and purchase on-site after testing the machine. Please apply in advance when visiting the site.

3The model which I'm looking for isn't on the website, can I make it to my specifications?

-After checking the specifications and dimensions of our existing products, if you want to make custom, you can make order through consultation.

2I bought a foreign or other company's product, but the repair is not suitable. Is it possible to repair other companies' products?

-If you send the product to the head office in Gimpo, our technical team will check whether it can be repaired, and we will proceed with the optimal quotation.

1Do you sell used products?

-Our company only sells new products made by us.

We are sorry for the purchase of used products, but please purchase them through the used direct market or other transactions, and if you want to repair the product after purchase, you can repair it through our a/s team.

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