About Us

CEO Greeting

Hello. Sent to Dong myung Vibro
We would like to express our deep gratitude for your unchanging trust and unsparing support .

Our company started as Dong myung Machine Tool in 1978 and has been firmly positioned as a manufacturer specializing in vibration equipment based on the technology and experience accumulated over the past 40 years, from Dong myung Machinery Co., Ltd. to Dong myung Vibro Co., Ltd. We are doing our best to satisfy customers with excellent technology from a/s. We have endeavored to improve the quality of vibration equipment applied to automation of production systems and rationalization of processes in all industries, and our excellent quality is continuously recognized by domestic and foreign buyers.

We promise to our customers who believe and support Dong myung Vibro for decades.

first. Based on sincerity and honesty, we will follow the basics and principles and go the right path. second. We will do our best to be the best while pursuing challenge and innovation. third. We will provide trust through consideration and communication and pursue responsible win-win growth.

We will do our best to constantly think and research the market and customers, prepare for the future to come, and create the quality and new value that customers want. We ask for your encouragement and interest so that Dong myung Vibro, who has walked only one way in the machinery industry for the past 40 years, can grow and develop in the global market as a leading company in the vibration motor field.

Thank you.

Dong myung Vibro, CEO 이미숙