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Dong myung Vibro is a vibration equipment manufacturer leading the technological innovation of vibration motors and vibration machines.
We have been sharing the context with the development of the domestic vibration equipment industry for the past 40 years, and we are doing our best to grow into a global company.

Founded in 1978, Dong myung Vibro succeeded in localizing the vibration motor for the first time in Korea, and as a result of developing numerous vibration motors, We have the most diverse vibration motor line in Korea, Leading the market share in the large rotary vibrator market.

We are manufacturing vibration motors of various driving methods such as electronic, electric, air, etc. to suit industrial sites, Vibration machines with excellent vibration motors manufactured by our company are exported to Thailand, Vietnam, and Turkey.

Automated production and rational processes in all industries requiring vibration We have been constantly researching to improve the quality of vibration equipment so that it can be applied. We will strive to become a leader that realizes the value of customer satisfaction beyond the best quality through new challenges.

Lee Mi-sook
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Vibration motor, vibration application machine
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